snowman studios INC.

Snowman Studios Inc. expanded the educational and entertainment aspects of the business by adopting REAL NORTH POLE REINDEER and opening to the public during the holiday season starting in 2015. Snowman's Reindeer Farm (owned by Snowman Studios Inc.) was developed into a full-fledged Christmas venue by 2017 drawing visitors from all over the midwest. Upon their retirement in 2024, the farm was purchased by close family friends, Jason and Dawn Parsons. It continues to welcome visitors and create a unique experience for people of all ages.

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During the development of Snowman's Reindeer Farm as a family-centered Christmas destination, the couple expanded into the Children's Literature market by writing, illustrating a publishing multiple books, which they continue top develop in retirement. The books are available at Snowman's Reindeer Farm gift shop and on AMAZON.